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Tagar's Insects (SHM/27)
Tainted Axe of Hatred (BER/65)
Tainted Breath (SHM/8 BST/19)
Talisman of Alacrity (SHM/64)
Talisman of Altuna (SHM/40 BST/58)
Talisman of Epuration (SHM/58)
Talisman of Fortitude (SHM/69)
Talisman of Jasinth (SHM/50 BST/63)
Talisman of Kragg (SHM/55 BST/62)
Talisman of Might (SHM/70)
Talisman of Perseverance (SHM/69)
Talisman of Purity (SHM/40)
Talisman of Return (MAG/62)
Talisman of Sense (SHM/68)
Talisman of Shadoo (SHM/53 BST/61)
Talisman of Tnarg (SHM/32 BST/53)
Talisman of Vitality (SHM/35)
Talisman of Wunshi (SHM/70)
Talisman of the Beast (SHM/8)
Talisman of the Boar (SHM/63)
Talisman of the Brute (SHM/57)
Talisman of the Cat (SHM/57)
Talisman of the Diaku (SHM/64)
Talisman of the Raptor (SHM/59)
Talisman of the Rhino (SHM/58)
Talisman of the Serpent (SHM/58)
Talisman of the Tribunal (SHM/62)
Talisman of the Wrulan (SHM/62)
Tangle (RNG/51 DRU/50)
Tangling Weeds (RNG/5 DRU/1)
Taper Enchantment (ENC/1)
Tarew's Aquatic Ayre (BRD/16)
Tarnation (CLR/61)
Tashan (ENC/2)
Tashani (ENC/18)
Tashania (ENC/41)
Tashanian (ENC/57)
Tears of Arlyxir (WIZ/64)
Tears of Druzzil (WIZ/52)
Tears of Marr (WIZ/65)
Tears of Prexus (WIZ/58)
Tears of Ro (WIZ/61)
Tears of Saryrn (SHM/63)
Tears of Solusek (WIZ/55)
Tears of the Sun (WIZ/66)
Telaka (WIZ/65)
Telekara (WIZ/70)
Telekin (WIZ/64)
Teleport (WIZ/62)
Temperance (CLR/40)
Tempest Wind (DRU/66)
Tendon Slice (ROG/22)
Tepid Deeds (ENC/23)
Terror of Darkness (SHD/33)
Terror of Death (SHD/53)
Terror of Discord (SHD/67)
Terror of Shadows (SHD/42)
Terror of Terris (SHD/59)
Terror of Thule (SHD/63)
Terrorize Animal (DRU/15)
Test1 (MNK/1)
The Silent Command (CLR/65)
The Unspoken Word (CLR/59)
Theft of Hate (SHD/70)
Theft of Pain (SHD/68)
Theft of Thought (ENC/50)
Thicken Mana (ENC/11)
Thief's Vengeance (ROG/52)
Thistlecoat (RNG/13 DRU/7)
Thorncoat (RNG/60 DRU/47)
Thrall of Bones (NEC/54)
Throw Stone (MNK/1 ROG/1 WAR/1 BER/1)
Thundaka (WIZ/68)
Thunder Strike (WIZ/28)
Thunder of Karana (PAL/47)
Thunderbold (WIZ/54)
Thunderclap (WIZ/30)
Thunderkick Discipline (MNK/52)
Thunderkick (MNK/52)
Tigir's Insects (SHM/58)
Tiny Companion (SHD/19 DRU/17 SHM/16 NEC/19 MAG/19 ENC/19 BST/19)
Tiny Terror (SHM/64)
Tishan's Clash (WIZ/19)
Tishan's Discord (WIZ/51)
Tishan's Relocation (WIZ/36)
Tnarg's Mending (SHM/62)
Togor's Insects (SHM/38)
Ton Po's Defense (MNK/35)
Torbas' Acid Blast (NEC/32)
Torbas' Poison Blast (NEC/49)
Torbas' Venom Blast (NEC/54)
Torment of Argli (ENC/56)
Torment of Scio (ENC/63)
Torpor (SHM/60)
Torrent of Fatigue (SHD/58)
Torrent of Hate (SHD/54)
Torrent of Pain (SHD/56)
Torrent of Poison (SHM/55)
Touch of Death (NEC/64)
Touch of Innoruuk (SHD/65)
Touch of Inruku (SHD/67)
Touch of Mujaki (NEC/61)
Touch of Nife (PAL/61)
Touch of Night (NEC/59)
Touch of Piety (PAL/66)
Touch of Volatis (SHD/62)
Touch of the Devourer (SHD/70)
Tox Gate (WIZ/19)
Tox Portal (WIZ/28)
Track Corpse (NEC/18)
Tranquil Focus (MNK/65)
Tranquil Force (MNK/40)
Tranquility of the Glade (RNG/68)
Tranquility (ENC/63)
Translocate Barindu (WIZ/60)
Translocate Bloodfields (WIZ/58)
Translocate Cazic (WIZ/44)
Translocate Cobalt Scar (WIZ/48)
Translocate Combine (WIZ/38)
Translocate Common (WIZ/40)
Translocate Dawnshroud (WIZ/49)
Translocate Fay (WIZ/36)
Translocate Great Divide (WIZ/46)
Translocate Grimling (WIZ/39)
Translocate Group (WIZ/52)
Translocate Iceclad (WIZ/45)
Translocate Knowledge (WIZ/45)
Translocate Natimbi (WIZ/57)
Translocate Nek (WIZ/41)
Translocate Nexus (WIZ/36)
Translocate North (WIZ/35)
Translocate Ro (WIZ/43)
Translocate Slaughter (WIZ/67)
Translocate Stonebrunt (WIZ/35)
Translocate Tox (WIZ/37)
Translocate Twilight (WIZ/41)
Translocate Wakening Lands (WIZ/47)
Translocate West (WIZ/42)
Translocate (WIZ/50)
Transon's Elemental Infusion (MAG/52)
Transon's Elemental Renewal (MAG/60)
Transon's Phantasmal Protection (MAG/58)
Treeform (DRU/6)
Tremor (CLR/34 DRU/21)
Trepidation (CLR/57 NEC/56 ENC/56)
Trickster's Augmentation (ENC/52)
Trucidation (NEC/60)
True Name (ENC/70)
True North (CLR/1 PAL/3 SHM/1 NEC/2 WIZ/1 MAG/1 ENC/1)
True Spirit (SHM/61)
Trueshot Discipline (RNG/55)
Trushar's Frost (BST/65)
Trushar's Mending (BST/65)
Tumultuous Strength (SHM/35)
Tunare's Renewal (DRU/58)
Tunare's Request (DRU/55)
Turepta Blood (BST/65)
Turgur's Insects (SHM/51)
Turning of the Unnatural (CLR/37)
Turtle Skin (SHM/11 BST/26)
Tuyen's Chant of Disease (BRD/42)
Tuyen's Chant of Fire (BRD/65)
Tuyen's Chant of Flame (BRD/38)
Tuyen's Chant of Frost (BRD/46)
Tuyen's Chant of Ice (BRD/63)
Tuyen's Chant of Poison (BRD/50)
Tuyen's Chant of Venom (BRD/63)
Tuyen's Chant of the Plague (BRD/61)
Twilight Gate (WIZ/22)
Twilight Portal (WIZ/33)
Twisted Chance Discipline (ROG/65)

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