#3181 Translocate Knowledge - PC T - Index Page

Slot 1: Translocate to -368,1335,-125 in poknowledge facing East

Mana: 450
Skill: Alteration
Casting Time: 15
Recast Time: 6
Fizzle Time: 2.25
Range: 100
Location: Any
Time of Day: Any
Fizzle Adj: 25
Deletable: Yes
Interruptable: Yes
Target Type: Single
Spell Type: Beneficial
Category: Transport [Planes]
Source: Live 2005-07-13 13:31:27

Classes: WIZ/45
Duration: Instant

Cast on other: Kalavinka fades away.

Game description: Opens an arcane portal that teleports your target to the Plane of Knowledge. Consumes small portal fragments when cast.

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