MNK Spells by Name - Index Page

Ancient Phantom Chaos (MNK/65)
Armor Crush (MNK/42)
Ashenhand Discipline (MNK/60)
Ashenhand (MNK/60)
Aura of Speed (MNK/62)
Counterforce Discipline (MNK/68)
Dragon Fang (MNK/69)
Dragon Strike (MNK/20)
Dreamwalk Discipline (MNK/66)
Earthwalk Discipline (MNK/65)
Fearless Discipline (PAL/54 RNG/54 SHD/54 BRD/54 BST/54 MNK/40 ROG/40 WAR/40 BER/40)
Focused Aura (MNK/47)
Focused Will Discipline (MNK/10 ROG/10 WAR/10 BER/10)
Grapple (MNK/30)
Healing Will Discipline (MNK/63 ROG/63 WAR/63 BER/63)
Hundred Fists Discipline (MNK/57)
Innerflame Discipline (MNK/56)
Leg Sweep (MNK/22)
Leopard Claw (MNK/61)
Master's Fury (MNK/57)
Nerve Spasm (MNK/50)
Nerve Strike (MNK/25)
Overwhelm (MNK/45)
Pain Strike (MNK/55)
Phantom Call (MNK/64)
Phantom Cry (MNK/69)
Phantom Echo (MNK/57)
Phantom Shadow (MNK/65)
Phantom Wind (MNK/50)
Phantom Zephyr (MNK/35)
Planeswalk Discipline (MNK/61)
Quick Feet (MNK/37)
Rapid Jab (MNK/30)
Rapid Kick Discipline (MNK/70)
Resistant Discipline (PAL/51 RNG/51 SHD/51 BRD/51 BST/51 MNK/30 ROG/30 WAR/30 BER/30)
Silentfist Discipline (MNK/59)
Speed Focus Discipline (MNK/63)
Stonestance Discipline (MNK/51)
Test1 (MNK/1)
Throw Stone (MNK/1 ROG/1 WAR/1 BER/1)
Thunderkick Discipline (MNK/52)
Thunderkick (MNK/52)
Ton Po's Defense (MNK/35)
Tranquil Focus (MNK/65)
Tranquil Force (MNK/40)
Voiddance Discipline (MNK/54)
Whirlwind Discipline (MNK/53)
Whirlwind Kick (MNK/32)
Wind of Force (MNK/27)

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