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Radiant Visage (ENC/31)
Rage Axe (BER/50)
Rage Volley (BER/61)
Rage of Zomm (MAG/55)
Rage (SHM/45)
Rage (WAR/57)
Raging Strength (SHM/28 BST/41)
Rain of Blades (MAG/10)
Rain of Fire (MAG/17)
Rain of Jerikor (MAG/67)
Rain of Lava (MAG/35)
Rain of Spikes (MAG/26)
Rain of Swords (MAG/49)
Rally Cry (WAR/62)
Rampage (ENC/38)
Rapacious Subvention (NEC/21)
Rapid Jab (MNK/30)
Rapid Kick Discipline (MNK/70)
Rapture (ENC/59)
Rathe's Son (MAG/65)
Reanimation (CLR/12 PAL/22)
Recant Magic (ENC/53)
Reckless Discipline (BER/56)
Reckless Strength (CLR/2 PAL/18)
Reckoning (CLR/54)
Reclaim Energy (NEC/1 MAG/1 ENC/1)
Reconstitution (CLR/18 PAL/30)
Reebo's Augury (DRU/21 SHM/23 NEC/24)
Reebo's Cleansing (DRU/24 SHM/24 NEC/24)
Reebo's Exorcism (DRU/24 SHM/24 NEC/23)
Reebo's Greater Augury (DRU/31 SHM/33 NEC/34)
Reebo's Greater Cleansing (DRU/34 SHM/34 NEC/34)
Reebo's Greater Exorcism (DRU/34 SHM/34 NEC/33)
Reebo's Lesser Augury (DRU/11 SHM/13 NEC/14)
Reebo's Lesser Cleansing (DRU/14 SHM/14 NEC/14)
Reebo's Lesser Exorcism (DRU/14 SHM/14 NEC/13)
Reflect (NEC/58 WIZ/58 MAG/58 ENC/58)
Reflexes (ROG/50)
Refresh Summoning (MAG/34)
Regeneration (DRU/34 SHM/23)
Regrowth of Dar Khura (SHM/56)
Regrowth of the Grove (DRU/58)
Regrowth (RNG/64 DRU/54 SHM/52 BST/64)
Remedy (CLR/51)
Remove Curse (CLR/38 PAL/45 DRU/38 SHM/38)
Remove Greater Curse (CLR/54 PAL/60 DRU/54 SHM/54)
Remove Lesser Curse (CLR/23 PAL/34 DRU/23 SHM/24)
Remove Minor Curse (CLR/8 PAL/19 DRU/8 SHM/9)
Rend (WIZ/47)
Renew Bones (NEC/26)
Renew Elements (MAG/7)
Renew Summoning (MAG/18)
Renewal of Jerikor (MAG/69)
Renewal (CLR/32 PAL/49)
Reoccurring Amnesia (ENC/45)
Reparation (CLR/22 PAL/31)
Replenishment (DRU/61 SHM/61)
Reproach (CLR/67)
Repulse Animal (DRU/51)
Requiem of Time (BRD/64)
Resist Cold (CLR/38 RNG/55 SHD/35 DRU/30 SHM/24 NEC/24)
Resist Disease (CLR/36 PAL/50 DRU/44 SHM/30 NEC/31 BST/51)
Resist Fire (CLR/33 RNG/46 DRU/20 SHM/27)
Resist Magic (CLR/43 PAL/55 DRU/49 SHM/43 ENC/37)
Resist Poison (CLR/30 PAL/61 DRU/44 SHM/35 BST/54)
Resistant Armor (WIZ/61)
Resistant Discipline (PAL/51 RNG/51 SHD/51 BRD/51 BST/51 MNK/30 ROG/30 WAR/30 BER/30)
Resistant Skin (WIZ/9)
Resolution (CLR/42 PAL/60)
Rest the Dead (SHD/52 NEC/23)
Restless Bones (SHD/30 NEC/16)
Restoration (CLR/42 PAL/55)
Resurrection (CLR/47 PAL/59)
Resuscitate (CLR/37)
Retribution of Al'Kabor (WIZ/56)
Retribution (CLR/44)
Revive (CLR/27 PAL/39)
Reviviscence (CLR/56)
Revulsion of Death (CLR/66)
Riftwind's Protection (RNG/29)
Ring of Barindu (DRU/52)
Ring of Bloodfields (DRU/53)
Ring of Butcher (DRU/16)
Ring of Cobalt Scar (DRU/39)
Ring of Commons (DRU/17)
Ring of Dawnshroud (DRU/29)
Ring of Feerrott (DRU/22)
Ring of Great Divide (DRU/33)
Ring of Grimling (DRU/18)
Ring of Iceclad (DRU/31)
Ring of Karana (DRU/15)
Ring of Knowledge (DRU/25)
Ring of Lavastorm (DRU/22)
Ring of Misty (DRU/25)
Ring of Natimbi (DRU/52)
Ring of Ro (DRU/20)
Ring of Slaughter (DRU/62)
Ring of Steamfont (DRU/21)
Ring of Stonebrunt (DRU/20)
Ring of Surefall Glade (DRU/15)
Ring of Toxxulia (DRU/17)
Ring of Twilight (DRU/23)
Ring of Wakening Lands (DRU/36)
Ring of the Combines (DRU/24)
Ring of the Nexus (DRU/19)
Riotous Health (SHM/54)
Rising Dexterity (SHM/25)
Rizlona's Call of Flame (BRD/64)
Rizlona's Embers (BRD/45)
Rizlona's Fire (BRD/53)
Ro Gate (WIZ/22)
Ro Portal (WIZ/36)
Ro's Fiery Sundering (DRU/37)
Ro's Illumination (DRU/62)
Ro's Smoldering Disjunction (DRU/56)
Rock of Taelosia (MAG/65)
Rod of Mystical Transvergance (MAG/56)
Rogue's Ploy (ROG/61)
Root (CLR/7 PAL/19 SHM/12 NEC/34 WIZ/3 ENC/6)
Rune I (ENC/13)
Rune II (ENC/22)
Rune III (ENC/33)
Rune IV (ENC/40)
Rune V (ENC/52)
Rune of Death (NEC/62)
Rune of Decay (SHD/69)
Rune of Rikkukin (ENC/69)
Rune of Salik (ENC/67)
Rune of Zebuxoruk (ENC/61)
Rune of the Scale (ENC/61)

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