#4871 War March of the Mastruq - PC W - Index Page

Slot 1: Increase Attack Speed by 60%
Slot 2: Increase STR by 41 (L65) to 44 (L70)
Slot 3: Increase ATK by 26 (L65) to 27 (L70)
Slot 4: Increase Damage Shield by 18 (L65) to 19 (L70)

Mana: 0
Skill: Brass
Casting Time: 3
Recast Time: 0
Fizzle Time: 0
Location: Any
Time of Day: Any
AE Range: 60
Deletable: No
Interruptable: Yes
Short Buff Box: Yes
Target Type: Group v2
Spell Type: Beneficial
Category: Melee Haste
Source: Live 2005-07-13 13:31:27

Classes: BRD/65
Duration: 3 ticks

Cast on you: The war march of the Mastruq echoes in your mind.
Wears off: The war march fades.

Game description: The drums of the Mastruq fill your group's arms with energy, granting them increased attack speed, strength, and attack rating. It also adds an aura that damages opponents that strike them.

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