#3585 Entrancing Lights - PC E - Index Page

Slot 1: Mesmerize(1/55)

Mana: 75
Skill: Divination
Casting Time: 1.5
Recast Time: 12
Fizzle Time: 2.25
Resist: Magic
Location: Any
Time of Day: Any
AE Range: 30
Push Back: 0.5
Fizzle Adj: 5
Deletable: Yes
Interruptable: Yes
Short Buff Box: No
Target Type: PB AE
Spell Type: Detrimental
Category: Mezmerise
Source: Live 2005-07-13 13:31:27

Classes: ENC/30
Duration: 1 ticks

Cast on you: Dancing lights flicker in and out of your vision.
Cast on other: Kalavinka gawks at the glowing lights.
Wears off: The lights fade.

Game description: Cause all nearby creatures to fall into an enchanted sleep for up to 1 ticks. This spell works on creatures up to level 55.

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