SEPTEMBER 30, 2008


The Tides of Anachronism

All across Norrath and beyond, the boundaries between past and present and between parallel realities seem to be fraying.

Within the normally peaceful Plane of Knowledge, three heralds of Druzzil Ro entered the realm; bringing warnings of troubled and dangerous times ahead.

"Danger has arrived! Our time is very short! Time is ticking and our doom may have arrived! As it passes, time takes with it portions of our lives. Well, your lives. And now it threatens to take all of our lives. Powers of chaos and destruction are taking their time, taking our time! Go quickly, time is so very short."

Meanwhile, over in the Dreadlands, a retired scholar named Deckarn Mystglade is seeking someone to help keep him from losing his mind.

A few years back when the Plane of Time was first breached by Norrathian adventurers, Deckarn warned his fellow scholars that interfering with the realm of time would only lead to disaster. After continuously trying to prophesize his unproven theories, he was forcibly requested to retire. Since then, Deckarn has been a bit unsure of anything around him.

Over the past few weeks, Deckarn has been feeling a strange shift in time and began to have visions of epic battles, re-building, corruption, decay, and war. Uncertain of himself, he needs someone to investigate the mysterious occurrences in his visions to confirm that he isn't going insane.

Curious adventurers begin to travel to the Plane of Knowledge and the Dreadlands to hear the rumors first hand.



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