JUNE 19, 2008

Legends of Norrath Oathbreaker is Here!

Your job as an Inquisitor for the Tribunal is coming to an end, and not a moment too soon. The work was dangerous and unsettling, even for a hardened adventurer like yourself. Towards the end, it seemed as if some very odd orders were coming from the Tribunal, ones that just didn't sit right with you. Your skills as an Inquisitor will enable you to discover the Chaos plot within the Oathbound and save the Tribunal!

The latest expansion to Legends of Norrath offers over 250 cards with new abilities, items, avatars and races, as well as new scenario rewards and raids. Fight your way past former allies and friends to join the final battle with the Mistress of Chaos herself, and become a true Legend of Norrath.

Check out all the fantastic details on the Oathbreaker page!

Game Update Notes: June 19, 2008.


Quests and Events: