JUNE 2, 2008

Living Legacy Highlights:

Live Events - XP Bonuses, Upgrades To Favorite Zones and New Raids!

The Hottest Zones Ever! All current EverQuest hot zones offer an additional 25% experience bonus. See the "Welcome Back" tab for a list of the current hot zones and their suggested level ranges as well as details on the experience bonus.

More Loot! The global drop rate has been updated throughout all of Norrath so returning and current adventurers can line their pockets.

Classic Group Content Upgrades! Lower Guk (7/7/08 - 8/04/08) will be fine-tuned with upgraded loot for groups of returning hardcore adventurers. Prepare to face some old enemies... and a few new ones!

Brand New Raids! Get ready for the fight of your life with four brand new raid scenarios. Incredible item rewards await adventurers who face these hardcore challenges and succeed. See the "Events Tab" for more details.