JULY 5, 2007


The biggest change you'll notice when you first open the AA window is that there are only 4 tabs now - General, Archetype, Class and Special. The first three tabs are fairly self explanatory and the Special tab will hold any AA that doesn't fit into other tabs. For example, the "Glyph" (expendable) AAs will be on the Special tab and various AAs that have been used for progression for several expansions will live on this tab as well.

With the new UI, there are a series of drop down menus you can use to view only certain sets of AAs. Additionally, all of the column headings can be clicked to order the visible AAs by that column in either forward or reverse alphabetical order. Finally there is a "Can Purchase" button in the new UI that will narrow the list down to only the AAs that you currently qualify to purchase.

In the past, new AAs have been created that were pure upgrades to existing AA lines from previous expansions. These added many ranks of similar abilities, each with its own name. To cut down on the amount of data that each of the new tabs holds, many of those types of AA lines have been consolidated into a single line. This should make it easier for you to see where you are in a line without the need to search through multiple tabs. You will still have all of the AAs you had previously, but their names and ranks may have changed and you may need to recreate hotkeys for some of the abilities in order to ensure you are using the highest rank's effect.

Recently Reported Issues:

While some of the other issues that were resolved in this update were reported via bug reports, here are a few we'd like to highlight this update.

Issue: Guilds not able to send guild wide emails with text in the body.

Summary: All of the players in the guild are able to send in game mail messages to the entire guild that have text in the main body. The email is sent, there is a subject line, but none of the text entered in the body of the mail.

Status: In-Game emails should now send correctly to guilds. The maximum message size is now set to 4500 characters. The address list will display "Too many addresses to display" if it is longer than 500 characters but the message will still be sent.

Issue: Enchanter Epic 1.5.

Summary: The Cryptic Page in Ocean of Tears could no longer be located after the zone was revamped.

Status: The note was moved to an island to make it easier to find.

Issue: Task - Pepe's Got a Brand New Bag.

Summary: NPC Rion is not giving the correct item for the task 'Pepe's Got a Brand New Bag'.

Status: If you ask Rion "Where is Pepe?" after you receive the poison sac back from Rion, he will now properly give you the doll.

Issue: Black Wolf Tooth.

Summary: Players are unable to find the drop 'Black Wolf Tooth' for an armor quest.

Status: The black wolf tooth was added to other black wolves throughout the newbie areas of the game.


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