MAY 16, 2007


Recently Reported Issues:

First of all, we want to thank everyone for their assistance with reporting bugs in the game. Your effort helps us pinpoint the source of bugs so that they can be resolved as quickly as possible. Our main source of reports on bugs comes from the in-game submitted /bug reports but we also get verification from /petitions and forum posts.

In order to make sure everyone knows what we are currently aware of and working on, we will be frequently posting a List of Recently Reported Issues that have been addressed. The following is a list of the Recently Reported issues that have been resolved in this update:

Issue: Tartons Wheel (A Rod)

Summary: Players are unable to combine Staff of the Wheel in A Glowing Chest. The recipe that players must combine in order to get the Staff of the Wheel and Star of Eyes, eventually leading to the Ice Comet spell, is currently not usable.

Status: The combine works properly again.

Issue: Elder Longshadow #4 Trailing Longshadow.

Summary: Players can port into the instance before completing the first element of the quest. The player is ported into the instance with no way to update element 0 of the task.

Status: You can no longer enter the instance before you have updated the first element of the quest.

Issue: Shaman spell 'Protection of Wishka' when scribed becomes 'Wishka's Favor'.

Summary: Name and description of item do not match the spell that is scribed from.

Status: The spell scrolls have been changed to the proper spell name.

Issue: NPC 'a goblin headmaster' in the 'Ocean of Tears' zone is not spawning.

Summary: The Goblin Headmaster is no longer spawning in the OoT zone.

Status: The Goblin Headmaster is spawning again in the new version of Ocean of Tears.

Issue: EQPlayers site not updating character profiles.

Summary: People are reporting that their character profiles are still not updating.

Status: With this update, work will be done on the EQPlayers database. The hardware will be upgraded. We believe that this will help prevent the database from becoming overloaded which is what was causing many people not to get updated. There are some other changes that they will be making as well in regards to the flow of information. Once the upgrade is done and the changes are made we will be able to track the situation closer to determine exactly what is causing the problem if it occurs again.

Issue: Vah Shir Illusion makes Rogues naked.

Summary: Armor doesn't show up correctly when under illusion.

Status: The illusion should no longer hide the armor.


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User Interface Changes:



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Future Tradeskill Changes:

We will be making a change to the cultural armor that will nullify the usage of all existing drops in the cultural armor and symbol crafting process. For the slot 12 raid augments, only the drops for the seals will be changing, the rest of the drops required for the various steps of the slot 12 raid augments will be staying the same. Those of you who have stockpiles will want to make use of them as best and quickly as possible, as once the changes go in, the currently existing cultural recipes will no longer work.

For more detailed information please see the "Upcoming Cultural Changes" sticky thread in the Artisans Way forum of the official EverQuest forums.