APRIL 18, 2007


New Veteran AA! We are proud to introduce our 9th Veteran AA - Armor of Experience!

New Hot Zones! A brand new set of zones have been selected to be "Hot." The previous zones have had their experience levels returned to normal but the special events in those zones remain.

The following zones are now "Hot":

Be on the lookout for a new NPC in Plane of Knowledge that may need your help finding his lost possessions in the new "Hot Zones."


Quests & Events:







You can toggle apv optimizations off and on with the slash command, "/apvoptimizations." When EverQuest is loaded it checks for an "APVOptimizations" key value pair specified in the eqclient.ini and turns portalizing off or on depending on this value. If a value does not exist in this file it gets set to on by default and written to the eqclient.ini file. Once changes are made to the state of the apv optimizations, the eqclient.ini file will be updated accordingly.

Future Tradeskill Changes:

We will be making a change to the cultural armor that will nullify the usage of all existing drops in the cultural armor and symbol crafting process. For the slot 12 raid augments, only the drops for the seals will be changing, the rest of the drops required for the various steps of the slot 12 raid augments will be staying the same. Those of you who have stockpiles will want to make use of them as best and quickly as possible, as once the changes go in, the currently existing cultural recipes will no longer work. This change will even out the disparity of drop rates between different races and remove the extreme rarity of some items.

For more detailed information please see the "Upcoming Cultural Changes" sticky thread in the Artisans Way forum of the official EverQuest forums.