FEBRUARY 13, 2007


Welcome to EverQuest: The Buried Sea, the 13th expansion for EverQuest!

Throngs of undead trample the earth both night and day as Norrath's sun withers. With each passing hour, the growing numbers of creatures of the night rising from crypt and grave seem part of a grand design to overwhelm the lands.

Trouble also lurks deep beneath the Buried Sea off the coast of Odus in a city named Katta Castrum which has remained undiscovered for hundreds of years. It is a city built to sustain the beloved leader of the Combine Empire named Tsaph Katta who was poisoned by General Seru. Generations of Combine Loyalists have tried to cure and awaken Katta while they house threatened populations of Kedge, Shissar, and Sphinx. But in recent times, the artifact that powers and protects their city has weakened. Without it, the city will be crushed under the pressure of the sea.

Only the most intrepid Norrathians have the power to save them.

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In Game Mail System:

In order to improve the performance of the in game mail system, starting on February 20, 2007, we will be implementing a routine purge that will clear out all in game mail that is more than 4 months old. This will be an ongoing process.

You can now use the Export feature. This new feature will grant players the ability to export their in-game mail to a text file in the EverQuest directory. To use the new Export feature, take the following steps:


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