JUNE 8, 2006

Upgrading to DirectX 9.0c

As you know we are upgrading to DirectX 9.0c with the update coming up next week. In order to ensure everyone is ready for this we are going to have a special executable for you to run that will let you know if you are prepared for this upgrade to the servers or if you still need to download DirectX 9.0c. If you do need the download, a text box will appear with instructions. The executable is called DirectXTest.exe and will be patched to your EverQuest directory.

Instructions on How to Upgrade Your Machine

If your machine doesn't have the latest DirectX 9.0c runtimes, please go to:


and following the instructions there.

If this fails, the following solution should work for you.

If you use the Windows Update to update to DirectX 9.0c, you will be unable to play the Test Server at this time due to a missing file, d3dx9_30.dll, in the Windows Update patch series. This error manifests itself as a dialog that appears when you run testeqgame.exe (the game client) and tells the user the program could not be initialize due to being unable to find the critical file/component d3dx9_30.dll. The file itself is available as a part of the April 2006 DirectX 9.0c SDK redistributable distribution. To solve this situation, follow the following steps to reinstall DirectX 9.0c from the redistributable distribution:

  1. Get the April 2006 DirectX 9.0c redistributable version (Caution: Download is about 52 MB) at: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=fb73d860-5af1-45e5-bac0-9bc7a5254203&DisplayLang=en
  2. Run directx_apr2006_redist.exe. Extract the files to an easily identifiable directory.
  3. Go to the directory the files were extracted to in step 2. Run "DXSETUP.EXE" from that directory.
  4. Accept the license agreement. Allow the installer to update the DirectX components.