FEBRUARY 21, 2006


Prophecy of Ro Launches!

As a demi-god, Mayong Mistmoore -- the greatest vampire ever known -- is threatening Norrath and its gods. Druzzil Ro, the goddess of Magic, has seen the future and the darkness that lies ahead. Now, the time has come to heed Druzzil Ro's calls as she opens the planes of Rage and Magic and a passage through time to the long lost Elddar elven city of Takish-Hiz. Draw your swords and prepare your magic to face the greatest fight of your lives.

The full story is available in-game in your Storyline window.

Prophecy of Ro Features:

See the Prophecy of Ro manual (Prophecy_of_Ro.pdf) downloaded to your EverQuest directory for more information!

Live Updates:

Zone Revamps:

New Guild Functionality:

New Raid Functionality:

New Hot Zones:

The time has come to once again update the "Hot Zones" throughout Norrath. The previous zones have been reverted to their former states and the following zones are now a great place to go for experience and fun:








General Bug Fixes: