OCTOBER 28, 2005

The steps below will solve the problem of having a stuck mouse in the upper left hand corner of your screen while running in full screen mode on Windows XP. If you are experiencing this problem with any other OS, please try these steps as well.

First download the Windows Application Compatibility Toolkit from this location. It's about 7Megs. Once it is downloaded, install the application.


You can then launch the application by going to your start menu, Program Files, Windows Compatibility Toolkit, then click on the Compatibility Administration Tool.

  1. Under the System Database section, click on Applications.
  2. In the right list view scroll down to the EverQuest entry.
  3. Double click the EverQuest entry.
  4. Now right-click the EQGame.exe entry in bold that shows up in the right hand view and choose Disable Entry.

You will now be able to use your mouse while in full screen mode on Windows XP. This will also allow you to alt-tab from EverQuest.

Thank you.

New Default UI Skin:

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New arena zone headed to Stormhammer!

Audio Triggers:

Audio triggers are sound effects that are played when certain patterns appear in the chat window. You can make audio triggers to play any sound you want when something you want to be sure not to miss appears in the chat window. This might be /tells from specific friends, certain buffs fading, or any other event you can think of that has a text message associated with it. The window used to configure your Audio Triggers can be accessed via the EQ button -> Actions -> Audio Triggers.

There are a couple key ideas that make up Audio Triggers.

Audio Triggers are a collection of text patterns associated with a sound effect. The window shows a list of all active audio triggers. They are sorted by priority so that the first pattern that matches text in the chat window will be the one and only sound that is played. This allows patterns to be made, for example, "tells you" and "yourbuddy tells you" that may have different sound effects. The "Move Up" and "Move Down" commands allow you to control which patterns will be tested first.

Creating a new trigger is a simple matter of typing text in the "Pattern" field, selecting a sound in the "Sound" control, and pressing "Create".

The other controls include:

Trigger Sets.

Trigger Sets are similar to choosing a UI skin. Each trigger set represents a set of patterns associated with sounds that is stored on a per-character basis. You can switch trigger sets by selecting the drop-down control and selecting among the listed options. Unless you have installed custom Audio Trigger sets, you will only see the "default" entry.

Each trigger set is stored as a folder in the AudioTrigger folder in your EverQuest directory which can contain .wav files unique to that trigger set. The goal here is to provide a way for the player community to create and share their own Audio Trigger sets that people find useful for different classes or play styles, much like they have done for custom UI skins.

An example of a useful trigger set may be a set of patterns & sounds configured for your specific equipment. Perhaps you have a primal spear, and you want to hear a special sound effect when the effects fade off so you can be reminded to be sure to equip this weapon again. You would put in "The Avatar departs." as the pattern, and select whatever sound you want to have played when this buff fades away.

There are many possibilities. Due to the differences in play styles, there is no way to predict what settings people might prefer so the default settings are empty. We encourage players to discover and share ways to make this a fun part of their gameplay.

Notes on customizing Audio Triggers:

The above instructions are available in-game via the help button on the audio triggers window.

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