MARCH 5, 2005

Bazaar & Barter Zone:

We have made the Bazaar zone free for everyone.

In addition to this, we have consolidated the Barter zone and the Bazaar zone into one hybrid zone, which uses the existing Bazaar zone. You will now be able to activate both the /buyer commands and the /trader commands in the Bazaar zone. In addition to this change, we have made a few other changes for your convenience.

The Barter zone is still active, so those of you who are camped out in the zone will be able to log in just fine, though you will want to migrate to the Bazaar in order to set up your buyer. Please make sure that you are not weighed down with coin and items before leaving the zone, or you may find yourself unable to move.

Spell & Skill Changes:

Item changes:

Quests, Missions & Events:



Guild Hall:


Zek Movelog:

Those Zek players who have already executed the /movelog command will be moved to the server they chose, unless that server was Solusek Ro or Kane Bayle. Zek players who chose either of these servers will need to execute the command again, choosing a new server.

If you have changed your mind as to which server you would like to move to, the /movelog UI (after Thursdays update) will have a disregard button. Using the disregard button will cancel any pending movelog requests and allow you to execute a new movelog request.

We will begin processing the movelog requests on Friday night (March 4th) and will continue nightly for a period of 30 days. Any accounts that have executed the movelog request will need to make certain they have no corpses in the world. If you have a shared bank already in use on your destination server, you will need to empty either shared bank out as only one will be available after the movelog is complete.