FEBRUARY 15, 2005

Welcome to Dragons of Norrath!

A series of events has transpired across the world of Norrath and the familiar faces of Firiona Vie and her nemesis Lanys T'Vyl return to find themselves at the forefront of the events. Unbeknownst to them, a dark influence has seeped into the world of Norrath causing new tensions to arise and conflicts to intensify as the dawn of a new age emerges. The Age of War is upon the people of Norrath and heroes return in this ultimate, unending battle between good and evil.

Prepare for EverQuest: Dragons of Norrath and return to the lands between Halas and Lavastorm as you seek out the Nest, the ancestral birthplace of all dragons, long sealed away and hidden from the eyes of Norrath. But beware, if the Nest is exposed too early during the Brood Dawn, all dragons and their eggs will be cursed for eternity and death will storm down on all Norrathian's not in their service.

Featuring new lands with enhanced graphics, bold new storylines, and updated creatures including goblins, drakes, dragons and the ominous Frost Giant! EverQuest: Dragons of Norrath is the next great expansion pack for the fantasy saga that is EverQuest. Make ready with new features such as the interactive world map, use your potion belt to access magical items quickly, and swap between weapon sets using the bandolier. Plus, with the all new guild hall you can easily get your guild ready to encounter anything that comes your way! EverQuest: Dragons of Norrath is bursting with new adventures and intense battles for players of all levels.


To open the Bandolier window use the 'B' key.

The bandolier will provide you with a quick and easy way to wield your weapons in different predefined combinations. When a weapon set is activated, the bandolier switches the currently equipped weapons with as many of the weapon set items it can find in your inventory. To add a bandolier, first click on the slot that you want to fill. Then click the add button. You can name each set. The weapon set that will be saved as the weapons you currently have in your inventory (primary, secondary, range, and ammo slots). You can make hotbuttons out of the weapon sets for easy, quick swapping.

Potion Belt:

To open the potion belt window use 'shift P'.

The Potion Belt allows for quick use of inventory items, such as potions or magical devices. To add a potion belt enabled item to the potion belt, simply put the item on your cursor and click in one of the belt slots. Then simply right click on the item to use it. Please note that not all clickable items are usable from the potion belt.

The Barter Zone:

The entrance to the Barter Zone is in the western section of the Plane of Knowledge. The default in-game map has the location marked on it (this may not be true if have a custom map). To setup your character as buyer, use the /buyer command to bring up the Buyer Barter Window. When you'd like to sell an item quickly without heading to the bazaar, use the /barter command to bring up the Barter Window. Please refer to the context tips or the manual for more information.

The Guild Lobby and the Guild Hall:

The entrance to the Guild lobby is also in the western section of the Plane of Knowledge. The Guild Hall entrance is at the back of the Guild lobby accessible by active guild members.

Guild Lobby:

Guild Hall:


Mission givers for Dark Reign and Norrath's Keepers can now be found in Lavastorm. These mission givers offer quests for groups of 3 to 6 players that take you into the Dragons of Norrath. Only a few missions are available at first, but as you gain faction and earn their trust, more missions will open up. Missions make use of a new shared task system that shares space with the Task window (Alt-Q). You can manage the players in your shared task from the new Shared Task tab in the Task window.

Successful completion of a mission will reward you with crystals that can be redeemed at mission vendors in the two camps. Each side has their own crystals that they award and their mission vendors will not accept crystals from the opposing side. You can create stacks of crystals for trading to other players by clicking on the crystals display in the inventory window. The reclaim tab under the crystals display will add any crystals you have in your inventory. You can only spend crystals that are listed in the display, so be sure to reclaim before visiting a vendor.

The EQ Mail System!

EQ players now have the ability to send persistent messages to players who are not logged in! To use this new feature, take a look at the new icon that has been added to the window selector. This icon will change color when you have unread messages. It also blinks for a short period of time when new mail arrives. To open the mail window, click on the icon or use CTRL-M. Here's a few other helpful hints.

Sending Messages - To send a message, press the "Compose" button. Enter the character name of the recipient in the "To" field, a subject and the message itself. Press the "Send" button and mail icon of the recipient will start blinking! Please be aware that you can currently only email one recipient at a time.

Receiving Messages- If you are online, new mail is delivered to you immediately without delay. When you open the mail window, the number of unread messages is put between square brackets close to the "Inbox" list title. In the mail window, your messages usually appear sorted by date. You can click on the column header to change the sort type and order. You can also resize the width of a column with the mouse, just click and drag a column header separator.

Viewing Messages - To view the body of a message, select it in the list. The message text window displays the message fields in a different color, followed by the text of the message.

Managing Messages- When a message is selected you can reply to the sender or forward the message to another player by pressing the corresponding button. An appropriate default subject will be inserted for you and a copy of the original message is added to the mail composition window.

Deleting Messages - You can also delete messages, in which case they will be placed in your "Deleted Items" folder. To select multiple messages for deletion you can use SHIFT-click and CTRL-click. The "Deleted Items" list is where your deleted messages go. The total number of messages in that list appears in the title. Two additional actions are available to you when managing your deleted messages: you can restore deleted messages using the "Undelete" button, and you can permanently delete all the messages by click on the "Empty Trash" button.

NOTE: You can send a message to yourself. You can also send a message from the command line using the "[mailto" command. Syntax: [mailto If the subject contains whitespace, you must enclose it in double quotation marks. Example: [mailto LadyCandy "You are so sweet!" Dear LadyCandy, etc. etc.

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