DECEMBER 15, 2004

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As you know, when a guild gains or loses members, they often find themselves dedicating a large amount of time re-playing content that they have long since completed in order to gain access to zones for newer members. During our Community Summit this last summer, and in many subsequent discussions, we have heard the recurring desire to find a way to ease the frustrations associated with this backflagging.

While the issue is not as simple as removing flags altogether (we feel flags are necessary for the zones they are currently attached to), we have looked into ways that we can reduce the frustrations of backflagging and feel that we have arrived at a fair and equitable solution, which is detailed below.

The implementation varies slightly from zone to zone to fit the story and nature of the zone, but in general will involve killing a raid target within that zone, looting an item, and completing a single group quest to change that item into a zone flag. This only applies to zones that don't already have a single group task or system to gain access.

AA Changes:

Zone and NPC Changes:

Epic Alterations:

Tradeskill Changes:

Item, Spell, Discipline and Skill Changes:


Zone Revamps - Mistmoore (Legends):

In Mistmoore's Catacombs, the servants of the Trueborn, a sect of vampires with Mayong Mistmoore's blood flowing through their veins, grew tired of their masters throwing them into the fray against the Norrathian intruders. They came to desire more power for themselves.

It was not long before the first words of dissension crept through the catacombs on the will of whispers. The Trueborn servants congregated in dark, musty halls away from the eyes of their masters and over time their numbers grew along with their ambitions. Their time had come and soon they would rise up to claim their rightful place in Mistmoore Castle, gaining accolades from Lord Mayong Mistmoore himself for their brilliance and bravery -- or so they supposed.

Over several months, the Trueborn traitors recruited an army to their cause. On a black night as the moon was swallowed by a thick veil over Faydwer, they struck, killing their masters and leading their army toward Mistmoore Castle. They slaughtered all in their path and many masters of the Scions sect, the Trueborn's rival blood-children of Mayong, were destroyed that night.

The fierce wave of the lesser Trueborn rushed into the cellars of Mistmoore Castle without detection. Unbeknownst to all but the servants, Norrath's adventurers had uncovered winding caves beneath the surface that bypassed the castle's defenses. In a matter of hours, the castle was overrun and the servants of the Trueborn declared themselves the true Children of Mistmoore.

Since taking control of the castle, many Children have busied themselves repairing the damage from the battle while others continue to seek the magical ore that was uncovered in the catacombs.

They all prepare, waiting for the day their master returns to grant them glory.

Zone Revamps - Splitpaw (Legends):

Farsoth Mal, son of the Ishva Mal, leader of the Verishe Mal tribe, sat by his father's side watching him rule his minions in Splitpaw Lair. His father may have conquered this lair some years ago, but Farsoth believed they should rule far more than just one underground kingdom. He grew to despise his father for his lack of ambition and many hours were spent in bitter arguments between the two. The Ishva Mal grew tired and angry at the ceaseless challenges to his authority, gaining as much contempt for his son as his son had for him.

During a particularly heated argument of growls and grisly barks, the Ishva Mal reminded his willful son that his power was absolute and that he shared his throne with no one. With one quick motion, the Ishva Mal brandished his spear and sliced off his son's paw, determined that he would finally win the respect he deserved from his son. But the Ishva Mal's cruel methods would prove to be his downfall.

The Ishva Mal grew to be a greater tyrant each day, so much so that the Verishe Mal mages and warriors secretly formed the Council of Nine to challenge his rule. Farsoth saw the plans the Verishe Mal had in store for his father, but did nothing to stop them and instead chose to use them to his advantage.

Farsoth learned much from the council's mages and became obsessed with the summoning arts they practiced. His fascination eventually led to a plan that would secure the throne . . . for him.

Through all he'd learned from the Verishe Mal mages, he believed he could summon a powerful entity from the Plane of Fire itself. Farsoth thought with such power at his side, nothing could stop him from ruling the Splitpaw Lair and any lands he desired.

He prepared for weeks, researching and gathering the reagents he required and finally he set to work to summon a terrible beast to bring an end to his father's rule.

Farsoth was distracted by his own anger, forgetting vital components as he wove the spell and the unthinkable happened. Flames shot out of the portal that Farsoth opened and, at the same time, rocks rained down upon the inhabitants of the lair. Then, the portal shifted its focus and water flooded into the corridors, extinguishing the flames and washing away the rocks. The portal shimmered once more and waves of all types of elementals poured into Splitpaw.

Farsoth certainly attained part of his goal. His father was killed, but so to were most of the gnolls he wished to lead to greatness.

Now he is a prisoner to the swarms of enraged elementals that have made Splitpaw Lair their new home.

* Denotes a change requested by the community.