OCTOBER 13, 2004


Warrior Epic:

Bard Epic:

Ranger Epic:

Druid Epic:

Magician Epic:

Gates of Discord:

There's a new NPC in Natimbi that will make traveling to Qvic much easier. Speak with her for a small teleport.




Altered Spell Casting Reinforcement and Spell Casting Reinforcement Mastery so they will no longer increase the duration of the following spells.

Altered Healing Adept, Advanced Healing Adept, and Healing Adept Mastery so they will no longer increase the healing of the following spells.


The Rogues Hour!

RA Salvatore presents a brand new series of EverQuest fantasy novels. Explore the ever-expanding world of Norrath in the first book, EverQuest: The Rogue's Hour, available in stores soon.