AUGUST 11, 2004


All New PvP System for PvP Servers *:

The Watch List:

PvP Changes.

Scoring System.

The new scoring system will award points to any player who kills another player. If the player is grouped the points will be split between the players in the group. The points awarded will be based on three things:

  1. Level of the killer.
  2. Scoring Modifier.
  3. Time since the victim was last killed by the same player.
  1. Level of the killer.
  2. Each kill has a base point cost determined by the level of the killer. All subsequent modifiers apply to this base number.

  3. Scoring modifier.
  4. The scoring modifier is based on three things. Each of these factors results in a score that is then applied in whole to the point value of the kill.


    Frizznik kills Rytan. Frizznik is level 60, while Rytan is level 62 for a level difference of 2. Frizznik has an infamy level of 5, while Rytan has an infamy level of 2, which results in infamy difference of -3. Rytan has not recently been killed, so his vitality is 0. Level Difference + Infamy Difference + Vitality = Scoring Point Modifier or 2 + (-3) + 0.

    Each scoring modifier point adds or subtracts 5% to the base score. Normally Frizznik would gain 100 points for killing Rytan, but because of the scoring point modifier he will gain 95 points instead.

  5. Time since the killer has killed the same victim.
  6. Players that repeatedly kill the same player will see a steep decrease in the amount of points a player is worth. They will gain half the points for the kill they normally would for each time they kill that player in a 24 hour period. After the score has dropped below 1 point, they will begin to lose points for killing the same player.

Leader Board.

The leader board tracks the players with the most total PvP. A number of other useful statistics will be available in the leader board.

Point Rewards.

Players will be able to redeem their points for equipment via a Lost Dungeons of Norrath style adventure merchant interface. These rewards will span from level 20 on up to 65 and include some pieces that are of elemental quality and possibly beyond.

A player's point total is capped based on their level. They cannot gain more points once they hit that cap, although they can gain more infamy. There will be a number of consumable PvP items that will be focused on PvP combat, and will only function against other players.

Windowed Mode *:

The EverQuest process is now more friendly. Alt+tab'ing to other windows should be much more responsive.You can also choose to adjust your maximum Frames Per Second(FPS) in the Options Window under display settings. The valid range for the slider is 10 to 100. The default is 100 which means EverQuest will not throttle your FPS. Lowering your setting will cap your FPS at that value and free up the CPU for other tasks.

Raid Window Additions:

Hot Zones have changed! *:

Hunt for greater XP rewards in the new Hot Spots. Make your way to the following zones.

Kill a few goblins for me. Oh, and that Grieg guy.

AA Changes:

Consent Changes *:

There are some new consent commands available for groups and raids.

Tacvi Changes:


*denotes a community requested change.