JULY 14, 2004


Veeshan's Peak!

With this revamp we have Updated the level and NPC list for the zone: Please note that this zone is now an elemental level zone! The entry quest to Veeshan's Peak has been changed. The original key quest has not been modified. However, the new entry quest uses the old key and offers an alternate quest to do instead of the original key quest.

New Adventure Zone for Stormhammer:

Stormhammer gains a new adventure zone. This is a 2 group adventure zone for characters of level 65.

Can you help the Eldritch Collective find and rescue Professor Bartleby Beckelbracker? Search the Desert of Ro for the whereabouts of Bartleby and his assistant Bomo and try to save them from the steel clutches of their enemies.

Augment Removal: *

Pets: *

Tribute Changes: *

Item Changes:

UI Changes:


Additional Notes:

*Denotes a change requested by the community.