JUNE 16, 2004


Collision Updates:

Gunthak Portal:

Gates of Discord:

The Plane of Time:

The Plane of Hate:

You can now access the Plane of Hate by talking to Relm M'Loch in the Plane of Tranquility and handing her a Fuligan Soulstone. *




Raid Management:



We have added a /stopcast command -- This command will not work when riding a horse. *

Undead Pets:

Pets no longer go away after their master has feigned death for more than 2 minutes. *

Lay on Hands and Harm Touch:

Lay on Hands and Harm Touch will no longer affect corpses. *

Corpse Dragging:

We have increased the range of the /corpse command *


Many damage shields have had their damage and duration increased. *

Increased the regeneration rate on the following spells:

Modified the heal rate for the following spells: *

Lowered the mana cost on the following spells: *

Increased the duration and mana cost on the following spells. *


Bards should no longer use instrument animations when wielding items other than instruments. (No more stabbing yourselves in the head with your Epic!)

Character Creation:

The character creation process now has Voice Over to guide you through new character creation.


Mouselook is much smoother and variable via a slider in the options window. If you use mouselook, make certain you adjust the new settings.


All characters should start with the tutorial bank items.


* Denotes an item that was requested by the EverQuest community.