MAY 5, 2004

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

EverQuest 2 Beta Sign Ups are now open!

Make sure you sign up for the exciting EverQuest 2 beta! Join the folks who have already added their name to the rapidly growing list for this amazing beta opportunity.

Go to and click on the beta link to get your chance at a beta slot! I hope to see you in the beta!

Sign up now, tomorrow may be too late.



You can now use the /surname command to remove your own surname and add a new one. Please remember to read the naming policy as listed on as it applies to both first names and surnames. You will still need to ask for CS assistance if you wish to have a name with double capitals or special characters. Please note that this command can only be used to remove or change your surname once per week.

HP Regen:


/rewind is back and should help if you find yourself stuck. This is not an automatic rewind, you will have to execute the command. We are continuing to work on other collision issues and hope to no longer need /rewind in the near future. This command is only able to be used once every 30 seconds, and in order to make use of it, your character will need to be stationary for at least 30 seconds.