MARCH 25, 2004


DirectX 9:


60+ player pets have been improved in a number of ways. Most notably, the effects of pet foci will be more dramatic as a player progresses with more powerful equipment. There have also been a number of inconsistencies between different tiers of pet foci that have been fixed. All of the existing foci should never show a power decrease in any aspect when upgrading from a lower tier foci to a higher tier foci. The most dramatic changes in pet stats are in the following aspects:

Overall, the player pets have received a significant boost. There are instances where you will see no change in a specific aspect of a specific pet. For example, the Rathe's Son pet summoned with Minion of Eternity has not received an improvement in max hit points, but it has received a significant mitigation improvement.

These changes affect the pets summoned by the following spells:

The most profound changes were made to the magician pets as they were most in need of improvement to maintain class balance. Beastlord and necromancer pets also received upgrades, but not of the same magnitude.