Lost Dungeons of Norrath Launches!:

Make sure to check out this ground-breaking new expansion! EVERY new zone has something fun and rewarding just waiting for everyone levels 20-65, and there's always something available for you!

For the first time in EverQuest you have the ability to interact with your environment in new and exciting ways! Find that chest at the end of the dungeon, but approach it carefully - It may be trapped.

In addition, there have been rumors of a new type of treasure that allow you to improve your existing equipment, augmenting what you've already earned with new power...

Succeed and be rewarded as YOU choose! Those who best the Lost Dungeons will find that the Adventurers have quite the cache of treasure that they've discovered on their own. It seems that, the more you help them in their cause, the more they're willing to share...

If you have purchased Lost Dungeons, thank you and welcome!

If you haven't -- What are you waiting for? Order now and join the grand Adventure!


Zones and Quests:




UI Files:



Known Issues:

This is the list of cosmetic issues that we're aware aren't perfect, but determined as acceptable to launch with, as none should affect peoples' ability to enjoy the game.

Rather than attempt last-minute changes that often break more than they fix, these will be addressed in an update after Lost Dungeons' launch.

Use Augmentations Wisely:

If you have an item with more than one slot available and you intend to apply an Augmentation Item that can fit into any slot (i.e. Type 1), be sure to apply it last.

For example, you have an item with three slots available and you have filled Slot 1 with an Augmentation Item. In your bag you have an Augmentation Item that can fit into any slot on the item (i.e. Type 1) and one that fits into Slot 2. If you use the Type 1 Augmentation Item first, it will fill the first open slot on your item, which would be Slot 2 in this case. This means you will not be able to use the Slot 2-specific Augmentation Item you had available.

So, remember, the rule is that if you have an Augmentation Item that can be used it any slot, be sure to apply it last!