AUGUST 6, 2003

Note: Some internal data restructuring created a delay in the introduction of the new platinum slot in the shared bank and the new text filters. We will bring those to the Live servers as soon as we can.

New Adventure in Lavastorm!:

In the depths of the Lavastorm Mountains there is only one ruler. But even his burning breath and power have their limits. Rumor has it that there is wealth and danger in locations even further below the boiling lands than Lord Nagafen can reach. These tales have been spreading like ripples on a calm lake, and their point of origin appears to be an upstart barbarian named Morden. Some say that he's already delved these fabled caverns and taken what there was of value. Other say that he couldn't have carried it all off by himself. But most say that he's a rogue, a teller of tales, and not to be trusted. Will you discover the truth and brave the heat, or will you sit beside your cozy campfire and listen to stories?

This new adventure zone will only be around for a while, so you may want to visit soon.



Trade Skills:

Quests and Zones:


Fan Faire:

Chicago Fan Faire is sneaking up on us! The Chicago event will be held September 26-28th, and the last day to guarantee your spot at the event by pre-registering is September 8th. To reserve your spot and pre-register, or to simply get more information, please go to See you in Chicago!