JUNE 17, 2003

Luclin Model Animations:

We have updated the Run, Walk and Turn animations for the Luclin models. As you can tell, new animations require a lot of data. We're sorry for the size of the update, but we think you'll like the changes.

Thank you.


We apologize for this second download today, however, incorrect versions of these animation files were sent in the transition between test and live.

We hope to have this matter straightened out in the next couple days, and will likely tweak a couple animations due to the community's reaction while we're at it.

Once you've finished downloading, everything should be as it was before today with the exception of Dwarven Males and Gnomish Females. Those will not automatically revert if you updated EverQuest earlier today.

If you wish to revert those characters by hand, please delete the following two files from your EverQuest directory:

Thanks very much for all of your feedback!