JUNE 11, 2003

Experience System Change - Grouping:

We've made some improvements to the way experience is rewarded in EverQuest. These improvements are aimed at positively reinforcing the act of grouping. After all, this is a Massively Multiplayer game.

Prior to this update groups gained a 2% to 20% experience bonus for having two to six members.

As of today this bonus has increased to range from 20% to 80% for having two to five members. When a group adds a sixth member, the 80% bonus remains, but the experience gained is only divided by 5 before being distributed. The sixth group member no longer causes the experience gain to be divided by 6.

Planes of Power zones had an increased experience award above and beyond those of most other zones. Because of these new dramatic improvements to group experience gains, we will be reducing the zone-specific experience bonus for Planes of Power zones a bit. As long as character is grouped with at least one other in these zones, they will see an improvement in experience gain over the old system. The one down side to the new system is that there will be a small decrease in experience for those who do not group, and only for those who do so in Planes of Power zones.

Experience System Change - Level 60+:

In addition to the above changes, we have increased the range of NPC levels that give a character experience after they reach level 60. This will open up many of the "old world" zones to players previously restricted to Planes of Power zones for experience gain. The range of NPCs that will be "blue" to a level 65 character has been increased as far as level 50, with the "light blue" range extending to level 45. The best experience gains, however, are still for fighting things around and above your level. This should open up areas for high level characters in groups and solo.




To correct this issue, we will be allowing characters to enter the following Planes of Power zones by meeting a simple level requirement:

Level 55 and over.

Level 62 and over.

Characters that don't meet the level requirement may still enter these zones using the existing flags, and raids may still bring additional unflagged or lower level characters with them. All other planes with flag or story requirements for entry will still require those flags, and those flags can still be obtained as they always have.

This will make the majority of Planes of Power zones available to characters over the minimum level, and will allow their guilds to travel and adventure together in the planes. We understand that those that have already earned the entry flags for these zones have put some effort into that accomplishment. We will be giving a reward to those that have done so, in the form of a nice Charm slot item and Alternate Advancement points based on the number of planes you've gained access to.

The reward for planar progression will be available this week. We found an issue with part of the reward on Test server, and are in the process of fixing it. This is a top priority and we plan to bring it to all live servers this week.


Alternate Advancement:

Quests and Tradeskills:

Changes for New Characters:


UI File Changes:

NOTE: In order to see the new Shared Bank slots, you will need to use the default bank window, or modify your custom bank window to include the new slots.