APRIL 8, 2003

So You Want to Design Games?

The EverQuest team is expanding and we currently have openings for experienced game designers. If you have professional game design experience, at least one level 60+ character and regularly play EverQuest, then we'd love to see your resume. Please go to http://soe.sony.com/corp/employment.jsp and submit your resume online. Please include information about your current characters and your level of knowledge concerning EverQuest.

New Plane of Hate:

The new Plane of Hate is now available on Stormhammer. Enjoy!

Mitigation Change:

We have evaluated the mitigation abilities of cloth and leather classes, and have made changes as appropriate. For the most part, this change is a reasonable improvement to the ability of monks to absorb damage. At some point in the future we may re-examine the mitigation abilities of chain and plate classes. At this time, and with this final round of changes to cloth and leather classes, we believe that something very close to the appropriate balance is in place.

Pathing Update:

The first part of our work to update the pathing system for EverQuest is complete. NPC and pet pathing should be much improved.

Charm Changes:

Windowed Mode for the EverQuest front end:

This patch introduces the ability for players to enter windowed mode at the EverQuest front end (from the time you log in until you get into the game). With this addition, players will be able to run EverQuest in a window from the moment they click on the EverQuest icon to the moment they log out.

In order to switch to windowed mode on the front end, just hit Alt-Enter. Note that there are no settings in the eqclint.ini file for this, you just have to hit Alt-Enter.

Use Alt-R to release the mouse from the EverQuest window (note that once in the game, you need to use Alt-Shift-R to release the mouse).

And, obviously, Alt-Tab will switch between open programs.

We have also added a Tech button that will take you to our Tech Chat. This only works in windowed mode, as it opens up a new window to display the chat.


Illusions/Shape Change:

We have changed the way that Illusions and Shape Changes work with respect to faction. The new system is a lot easier to understand than the old one, so we'll just explain the new one. When changed into the form of a playable race, characters are treated as if they were a member of that race. When changed into a non-playable race, characters retain their own racial factions.


Alternate Advancement: