MARCH 13, 2003



Alternate Advancement:






Special Deals:

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Become a Guide!:

Greetings citizens of Norrath,

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, for we bring before you news of great importance!

Have you ever scoured the lands in search of adventure? Do you still yearn to discover new places and new people in the Lands of Norrath?

If so, then we have for you perhaps the greatest adventure the Lands of Norrath could ever offer. It is a mission of great proportions, and the journey will be a challenge to even the bravest adventurers in the realm. But hear me friends when I say that the rewards are well worth the perils of the journey.

The path is that of the volunteer EverQuest Guide Program. If you are strong of will, kind of heart, have a positive attitude, and are at least eighteen years of age, the volunteer EverQuest Guide Program may be for you.

The members of the Guide Program provide front line customer support and service to the players of EverQuest. The Program offers a unique opportunity for you to become a part of the behind the scenes action, and to be a direct contributor to the greatness of EverQuest. As a Guide you will interact as a representative of both the Program, and of Sony Online Entertainment by delivering critical help and assistance to the players on your assigned server. Your role as a Guide will also provide you with the opportunity to present a variety of creative dynamic content (Quests) and events.

If you feel that the EverQuest Guide Program community is something you wish to be a part of, then we heartily invite you to point your browser to:

Come one, come all - help us to make the lands of Norrath better than they already are... come be a part of something great!