FEBRUARY 24, 2003

The Legacy of Ykesha is now live!:

As the afternoon heat grows, a trickle of adventurous folk can be seen moving through the rocky vales of the mountains called Stonebrunt. These quiet lands, normally inhabited by panda bears and kobolds, are slowly becoming a throughway for heroes, mercenaries and adventures of all races. Are you one of them?

And in Gukta tadpoles are growing into young Frogloks. There is no doubt in the minds of the conquerors of Grobb that the new generation of their people will grow into strong and steadfast servants of Mithaniel Marr, worthy of his respect. Will you be one of them?

OOC: Have fun with the new features, the new race and the new zones. Thank you for playing EverQuest.


We've adjusted the entry requirements for some Planes of Power zones. Several of these zones required each character to complete a quest before gaining entry. We've relaxed this requirement somewhat as follows:

* A raid with 32 or more members can enter a locked plane provided that 85% of the raiders have finished the entry quest. This means a raid group can bring along some friends who haven't completed the quest.

* Characters who haven't done the entry quest must stay with their raid while they are in the locked zone. If these characters leave the raid for more than three minutes, they will be transported out to the Plane of Tranquility.

* Using this method does not grant permanent access to the locked zone. If a character wants permanent, unescorted access to a locked zone then they must still complete the quest. The goal of this change is to allow raiding groups to bring along a few friends who haven't been able to complete the quests, but still wish to help with the raid.




Zones and NPCs:



New and Changed UI Files: