JANUARY 29, 2003



Yesterday's patch definitely won't be one to go down in EQ history as a shining example of Our Finest Hour.

The problems that occurred yesterday afternoon and evening, including teleportations to bind points that were accompanied by a client string being displayed at random, are all taken care of.

All of the seemingly disconnected problems were the result of a single bug in EverQuest's communications layer that only reared its head on servers that had maintained a certain population for a certain amount of time. Unfortunately, this doesn't occur as frequently as we'd like on our Test Server, where the effects of this bug never occurred.

As always, for those looking for a change, we'd like to once again extend the offer to give the Test Server a try if you're looking for something different. If you're ever interested, please exit and run TestEverQuest.exe inside your EverQuest directory.

The Test Server is a small community of some of the nicest, most dedicated folks you'll find, and many have eventually called it their home. If you miss the "small world" feeling of EverQuest, it might be just the thing for you.

(One disclaimer: Test Server does not have full-time Customer Service coverage. Its primary purpose remains for the development and testing of ongoing changes to EverQuest. It does get updated much more frequently than the live servers, but all potential changes show up there first.)

Thanks very much for your patience, and we do apologize to those who were affected yesterday.