JANUARY 28, 2003


The response to The Legacy of Ykesha(tm) extension has been overwhelming; we want to thank all of you who have pre-ordered.

In order to better serve ALL of our customers, including those who do not have a credit card, we've decided to make a relatively small number of The Legacy of Ykesha CD-ROMs available at retail as well. Please note, though, that The Legacy of Ykesha CD will likely not be available at retail in the US until as much as a week or more after the "live" date; the delay may be longer for our international customers.

If you have already pre-ordered from us, but you would prefer to wait for the retail CD, you can cancel your pre-order by following these instructions:

  1. Go to the Station Store (https://store.station.sony.com/)
  2. Go to Billing Info and sign in.
  3. View Current pre-orders.
  4. Click Cancel button; you will receive a cancellation email.

You may still pre-order the digital download version of The Legacy of Ykesha from the Station.com Store (the download version only - we will not be selling CDs through pre-order) for the special pre-order price of $17.99.

Gameplay and User Interface:


Alternate Advancement:





Character Appearance: