NOVEMBER 19, 2002



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By Winged Messenger:

A lone messenger streaks across the rocky roads of the mighty Wakening Lands, an urgent message kept safely within his talons. Dire news he brings to his master, the Lord Yelinak; there is much turmoil in wake of the prismatic's release, and he must inform the ancient dragon of the weary times to come. As he rushes past the lumbering trees on all sides of him, he harks back to a more peaceful time. Certainly the brow of his mighty Lord showed less strain, less agitation, though not much. He had always thought that the prismatic's release would surely be more problematic than anything else he could imagine. He now knew that there was much more at stake than ever before, and that the Shrine would need to be on its guard.

As he came to the entrance of the Shrine, he tensed for a moment, hoping that this dire news wouldn't end the life that he and his kin had known for so long. Yet he feared that nothing could stop that change, for the might of the Kin would be tested in the coming times, and there would surely be dangers he had yet to see. He made his way through the corridors up to his master's chambers. As he came closer, he noticed new members of the Kin he had never before seen. As large as his Lord, they spoke quietly amongst themselves and with Yelinak himself. He was unnerved by this startling addition to the Shrine, but felt that it was likely necessary. Perhaps his Lord had already heard the news and had already begun making plans. Either way, it was his duty to inform Yelinak of the recent events; the Giants would know no struggle like that which the Shrine would give them.

He walked towards Lord Yelinak, majestic in his appearance yet with a certain calming aura about him. He cleared his throat and began, "M'lord Yelinak, I bring news from the East..."