JULY 24, 2002

New Interface Available:

The new EverQuest user interface is now available for use on Live servers. Many of you will find that it runs faster than the old interface. It is extremely customizable, and offers all sorts of features including resizable windows, fading windows, a pet control window, and flexibility through the XML files. We decided to offer it for optional use as a sort of Beta II for folks on the Live servers that haven't had the chance to try it out on the Test server.

To activate the new interface:

  1. Log into the game.
  2. Type /newui into the chat bar and hit enter.
  3. Log out and exit to your desktop and then log back in.


  1. Before you log in:
  2. Open the EQclient.ini file in your EverQuest folder with a text editor (notepad works fine).
  3. Find the [Defaults] section of the file.
  4. Add a line that reads: NewUI=TRUE.
  5. Log in.

We want to thank all the folks that have helped us test the interface and have offered a wide variety of useful ideas.

Enjoy the interface!

Bazaar Now Available:

Those of you that own Shadows of Luclin now have access to the /bazaar and /trader functions. These functions only work in the Bazaar. You can find the Bazaar on Luclin, adjacent to the Nexus and Shadowhaven.

/bazaar opens up the Bazaar Search Window, which allows you to easily locate specific items for sale by Traders in the Bazaar. /trader opens up the Bazaar Vendor window, which allows you to make items available for sale to others in the Bazaar.

You can only use the Bazaar if you have the new interface turned on. See the message above for details.

Again we'd like to thank the folks that helped us test this feature. And we'd like to apologize for the delay in delivery of the Bazaar.

We think that you'll find the finished product to be a good one.


One of the new commands available only with the new interface is /viewport. You can use this command to change the size of the gameplay area.

/viewport [distance from left, distance from top, width, height]

All of the distances and numbers for the viewport command are in the same measure as your screen resolution numbers.

For Example: Let's say you are running in 800 x 600 video mode and you want to create view the game only in the top half of your screen (not that you would). You would type:

/viewport 0 0 800 300

The top left of your screen is 0 and 0. 800 is the width of your screen, and the 300 is one half of the height of the screen.

/viewport reset - will reset the viewport to the default setting.

New Vah Shir Models:

We have developed new models for the Vah Shir for use with the old world. You may now choose to turn off the Luclin version of the Vah Shir models and use these new models if you wish. These new Vah Shir models require less memory and you may want to use them in place of the Luclin models to improve system performance.




Alternate Advancement:

Zone Specific:



A Celestial Rift can be placed in a forge by itself and 'combined' to create a Planar Rift. Please be aware that the new Planar Rifts are No-Drop, and should only be converted in a forge by the intended owner. Old-style Celestial Rifts may be converted into the new Planar Rifts for a period of one month from this patch. If you have any rifts currently, be sure to convert them to the new style within 30 days.

This change is not intended to make it more difficult or time consuming to acquire your Vex Thal key. Many players had brought forth concerns regarding the ability to hoard Celestial Rifts, which had the potential of causing some long-term issues. This fix addresses those concerns, and does not add any difficulty for players currently working on this quest.



There were a few NPCs that were not responding properly to their quest text. This has been fixed for the following NPCs: Wizard Schrock, Seamey Whirewhisker, Oglard, Morgalanth Tal`Raeloen, Verona Rankin, Gunex, Waltor Felligan, Nallar Q`Tentu, Lord Nethryn and Cilin Spellsinger.



We have revamped the grouping system. This is a major rewrite of the system that should have little effect on gameplay, with the exception of removing the bugs with the old system. Players should no longer have issues with their group due to the link-death of any member (including the leader), zoning and other such issues. There is also a new command available.

/makeleader <target> - The leader of the group can now reassign who the leader of the group is by use of this command.

News from Faydwer:

It is rumored that the major cities of Faydwer have announced a call to arms for all young adventurers. News of mysterious bloodthirsty goblins to the west setting up encampments has prompted all residents of Kaladim, Kelethin and Felwithe to all begin preparing themselves for what they think may be a momentous battle. Intelligence originating from the Scouts of Kaladim and Kelethin has informed their respective leaders of a possible alliance between a mysterious aqua goblin tribe and the Orcs of Clan Crushbone. Due to the possibility of an attack by either or both of these powerful tribes, guildmasters of all cities have begun the training of young soldiers brave enough to heed the call to defend their homeland against all unknown creatures and new inhabitants.

Call to Arms:

Tarlain moved along through the tunnel at a brisk pace, a wistful smile painting his weathered features. His arm reached out from under his travel stained greatcloak so that his hand could traced the side wall of granite while his mind recalled the many times he had passed through this tunnel in his youth. It had been many years since and the memories of his training in the woodland ways within the environs of Surefall glade filled him with a peaceful nostalgia.

This nostalgia all but vanished as Tarlain rounded the final curve and broke into the tree filtered sunlight of Surefall Glade and beheld a most unexpected sight - a line of Qeynos foot soldiers marching past the Ranger hall and on toward the far end of the Glade. What could bring the forces of Qeynos here? Knowing this could not bode well, Tarlain strode quickly to the Ranger hall, his eyes on the receding backs of the footmen.

Reaching the main hall entrance, Tarlain's sight latched on to a proclamation inked in the flowing hand of a Qeynos scribe and bearing the seal of Antonius IV. It outlined the rising threat of Blackburrow Gnolls invading and despoiling the previously sequestered Jaggedpine Forest. Because of this danger Antonius has lifted his father's ruling to protect those forests and now calls for able-bodied men and militia to join in quelling the expansion of the vile Gnolls. Gritting his teeth at the thought of Gnolls invading the pristine woodlands, Tarlain turned and with a hand on his longsword, set off to catch up with the guardsmen and throw in his lot against the dogs of Blackburrow.

(Note: Jaggedpine Forest is only available by using the optional files download option in the advanced section of the EverQuest patcher. Be aware that the download required for this new zone is relatively large.)