MAY 9, 2002

Cleanup Patch:

We're sorry to have to patch again so soon, but there are some issues that we felt should be taken care of right away.

News arrives from Freeport:

The streets of Freeport have been overtaken by greed and turmoil. The conflict between the Dismal Rage and the law-abiding citizens of Freeport has reached a boiling point. New heroes have been called on to aid both sides in the constant power struggle of this city. Numerous guildmasters have advanced the training that is given to all those brave enough to rise from Freeport, either for good or for evil. The Commonlands have also started to see strange new individuals and even stranger creatures. There is also word that the Deathfist Orcs have begun to stockpile supplies for an unknown reason. Citizens knowing the nature of the Deathfist Orcs are preparing themselves for anything.

Late arriving news from Ak'Anon:

It has not been long since two wayward gnomes returned to their home city of Ak'Anon, one empowered with gifts of a Paladin of Brell and the other wielding the dark knowledge of a Shadowknight of Bertoxxulous. Already pupils have flocked to the chapel of the Deep Muses and the mines of the Dark Reflection to learn the secrets and skills these opposing masters possess. Led by their new champions of Brell, the Deep Muses, Gem Cutters, and Eldritch Collective have begun a campaign to exterminate the Dark Reflection from the mines of Ak'Anon and their cherished homeland, the Steamfont Mountains.