MAY 8, 2002



Spell Filters:

Spell Stacking:

General stacking changes: Some buffs were not being allowed to stack which now will stack, and other buffs were being allowed to stack which should not have.

For example, many stacking problems with spells that have a See Invisible or Levitate component are now gone (e.g. Dead Man Floating), while a number of stacking exploits that granted too much regeneration, too much offense (ATK), too large of a damage shield, or too many hit points have been fixed. Here are some of the details:

Alternate Advancement:







Chat Channels:



Sullon Zek Rules Change:

Firiona Vie Rules Changes:

Since the launch of Firiona Vie we have had tremendous support for this special server from players who want a very roleplaying immersive environment. Players have made numerous suggestions to tweak the ruleset a little more. We have taken many of those suggestions and made changes accordingly.

We will be keeping the following rules intact:

However, we will be removing the following restrictions:

Again, it's important to understand that this is still a roleplaying preferred server. The rules that we are changing were often as much of a restriction to one's ability to roleplay as they were a help. And the artificial barriers to grouping, especially the trouble created in just finding a group, needed to be removed to allow people to actually play the game.

April 30, 2002 Patch: