APRIL 9, 2002

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News from the Vale:

Clan Death Fist has long had a minor presence in the Misty Thicket, preying on the Halfling farmers and tradesmen. Recently the Death Fist Clans numbers in the thicket have increased and the Orcs are cutting down trees and mining the rock of the nearby mountains. Reports have come in to Rivervale that the Orcs are shipping the lumber and ore to the commonlands and stockpiling it for an unknown purpose. Whatever the Deathfists agenda, their increased presence has made the thicket a more dangerous place beyond the protective wall.

Not far from the tunnel that leads from the Misty Thicket to Rivervale lie mysterious cursed ruins. All that remains of what once stood at these sites are fragments of walls that are presumed to have been constructed around the same time as the nearby ruined tower. An ancient magical scarecrow stands at the center of one of these ruins and warns passers by that the place is cursed. It is a popular belief among the halflings of Rivervale that the crumbled walls once surrounded beautiful and fruitful gardens that were cursed when their owner and caretaker offended the Gods. Whether or not this story is true, the scarecrows warning is true as the gardens are host to diseased vermin and the animated corpses of fallen halflings who were brought to the there and buried after their death by an unknown evil.

With the Goblin Clan Pickclaws now occupying a portion of Runnyeye Citadel the number of Goblins now residing in the Misty Thicket has grown. These somewhat exiled Runnyeye Goblins have been mining Crude Iron Ore from the nearby mountains and are most likely attempting to forge weapons and armor to use in a goblin revolt to reclaim all of Runnyeye Citadel from the Pickclaws. With enemies to all sides these semi-exiled goblins are being far less troublesome than they have the potential to be.