DECEMBER 10, 2001

Patch Changes:

Luclin Install:

We found that the default install directory for Luclin may be wrong for some people, specifically those who have copied their EverQuest files into a directory different from their initial installation.

Also, we've received a number of calls from Luclin subscribers who've tried logging in to their character on a friends computer that does not have an install of Luclin on it. This will not work as the files necessary for you to view Luclin content are not present unless Luclin has been installed.

We've added code to point out both of these cases in the future.

Continued Plans:

As we wrap up the technology-related issues over the course of this week, making sure that everyone who wants to play EverQuest can play EverQuest, the programming team will shift their focus to aesthetic issues such as animation speed/timing, armor tinting, face-picker operation, etc. We do indeed plan on getting to all of these issues in the very short term.

The content-team, however, is hard at work on content-related issues right now, and stands ready to address any broken quests, items, encounter-imbalances, etc., that you may run across in your adventures. Please feel free to visit our forums off of and submit a comment through the Developer's Corner.