APRIL 17, 2001

We're sorry that we've had to patch again so quickly. We found a problem with the change we made to the Red Scabbard. This patch is intended primarily to fix that issue.

Food Changes:

Along with the other changes mentioned in the patch message, some player-made food items will now have an effect on your character beyond just keeping him from being hungry. We'll leave it up to you to discover the rest.

We've also added the ability to right-click food to 'force' your character to eat it. This will cause the food to be eaten immediately (though your character can only eat so much food at one time). Food eaten this way will only last half as long as food eaten naturally by the character.

Run the Velious Patch:

If you want to see the new Monk textures you will need to make the changes mentioned in the patch message. But you will also need to run the Velious Patch in order to get those textures to show up.

Skewer Change:

We didn't actually change the weight of Skewers, we changed the weight of Spits. Sorry for the confusion.

Bug Fixes:

Buying a duplicate lore item will no longer cause you to crash.


To clear up some confusion, we wanted to let everyone know that we have changed the timing of the spawn of the Venril Sathir remains. It no longer appears directly after the death of Venril Sathir. And we also urge you to read the patch message below about the changes to this creature.

Also since we're patching to fix bugs, we decided to throw in a new feature.

%M used in a macro will now place the name of your pet (if you have one) in the text of your macro.

Bag Positioning: Now bags will stay where you put them. Simply open a bag and move it to where you want it. The bag will remember it's location and open up there again next time. This will be persistent and will be remembered when you log out.

There are two things to know about this new feature. The first is that the default position of every bag is going to be the same. So if you open one bag and then another, their windows will stack on top of each other. Don't let this alarm you, the first bag window didn't close. Just move the top bag to the desired location and you'll see the bottom one.

The other thing to know is a bit more complicated.

The saved locations for opening bags are linked to the bank or inventory slot that the bag is in, not to the bag itself. So if you open a bag that is sitting in your first inventory slot and move the bag window to a new location, it is the inventory slot that remembers the position and any bag opened from that inventory slot will open in the saved position. Take that bag from the first slot and move it to the second inventory slot and it will open in the location set for the second inventory slot. It will not remember where it was opened before.

Experiment with it, it will make more sense once you try it.

Venril Sathir:

We have increased the spawn rate of Venril Sathir and his skeletal remains. Please note that only Rangers and Druids will be able to trigger the spawn for the skeletal remains, and those remains will only be dropping items for those epic quests. Hopefully these changes will dramatically reduce the competition and resentment over this spawn.