APRIL 4, 2001

New and Changed Features:

Skill Change:

Spell Changes:

Bug Fix:

Item Changes:

Miscellaneous Items:

'Combine' container changes:

We've made a change to 'combine' containers. In order to prevent people from accidentally destroying items, all containers with a 'combine' button will not combine any items that do not form a complete recipe. This will be a huge boon to craftspeople all across Norrath. But this removes the only drawback to using trade containers as backpacks. Their reduced weight and often greater carrying capacity made them more desirable as bags, with the compensating risk that you might just lose something if you made a mistake.

We will be increasing the weight of portable 'combine' containers somewhat. Where some of these containers weighed under 1 pound, they will now weigh as much as 4 pounds for the largest sewing kit.

Along with this we are making a change to tailor made backpacks. In case you didn't know, most tailor made packs have a built in weight reduction of 5%. We are raising that to 10%. We will also be displaying the weight reduction of all containers with the information shown on a right click.