FEBRUARY 21, 2001

Shralok Pack and Pending Lore:

It's apparent that some EQ players, primarily those who started playing after the introduction of the LORE tag, did not know what the "Pending Lore" tag meant. "Pending Lore" means that in the future, an item WILL become LORE, making it so the character can possess only one. When this change occurs, the server deletes additional items upon login.

The Shralok Pack is one of those items. However, due to the number of people unaware of the meaning of the tag, we've changing it back to "Pending Lore". Players who had the item disappear from their characters can contact a GM to have their characters restored to the time of the last backup.

Going forward, we will work to distribute additional notification when making a change of this type. To that end, the Shralok Pack will become a LORE item in the very near future, and players should take steps to remove all items and get rid of additional packs. It should be noted that there is no guarantee as to which pack(s) will be deleted when the server reduces the total number owned to one, so you will want to destroy any superfluous packs manually.

Healing and Hate:

A team member has asked that we clarify the changes to the way hate is awarded in healing. The important point that may not have been clear below is that there is a cap on the amount of hate that can be awarded for any particular heal spell. For a target below level 51, no heal spell can generate more than 800 hate, regardless of the number of hitpoints healed. For targets level 51 or above, the cap is higher, but does not approach the total hitpoints of a fully buffed warrior.

Casting Difficulty:

The patch message mentioned that the casting difficulty for spells above level 56 was reduced. The actual value is spells of level 51 or above. These spells should fizzle less than they did before.

Crashing on Zoning:

We tracked down and eliminated another bug that was causing some people to intermittently crash upon zoning. If you were affected by this problem you should notice better performance.