NOVEMBER 15, 2000

Today's patch includes the announced code-updates to use technology included with DirectX 7. You must have DirectX 7 or higher installed in order to play EverQuest. Please refer to prior to contacting technical support for procedures prior to contacting technical support.

Today's patch also includes the new 'Sound Engine' that we've been speaking about for some time. The new sound engine supports additional EAX features and should address the concerns of SBLive users that have been posted in the past.

Movelog for Povar and Tarew Marr:

The /movelog window will be opened for Povar and Tarew Marr on Saturday 11/18 and Sunday 11/19 from 6PM PST (GMT-8) to Midnight. All players wishing to have all of their characters moved (on a per-account basis) from those servers to the new split-server should execute '"/movelog yes' during the windows.

The physical character move will take place next week on Tuesday or Wednesday. Please check the scheduled downtime page of for a firm time when it is decided. Remember that corpses will not follow you to the new server, so anyone deciding to move will want to be sure that all corpses are looted prior to the time of the actual move.

As this patch features new /movelog logic to eliminate problems with people being left behind, players should not count on customer-service intervention after the physical move if they were unable to execute the command during the window. You will need to be present and execute the command in order to move.

Spell Changes:

General Fixes/Changes:

Client Enhancements: