Why are enchanters not given the ability to cast these very same race/creature illusions upon either the group as a whole, or individuals in a group? (You already HAVE the code for specific-case faction issues with the already in-game illusion series of spells)

I agree that the code exists, is in game, and would be easy to do. Our reasons for not implementing illusions on others via enchanters is that its not what we had in mind for them. It's part of the premise for the enchanter class.

Are you explicitly saying that in order for an enchanter to cast any illusion spell on themselves/others that a faction adjustment MUST take place and that for this reason, Verant would not attempt to try to code a spell allowing an illusion change to any NPC model in a particular zone? Or would Verant consider allowing enchanters to create illusions with no faction adjustments?

Illusions always have faction adjustments. They adjust the "race" portion of the faction formula. The game/faction engine does not allow someone to appear as a different race without adopting the faction settings for that race. As such, special allowances have been made for every race that can be illusioned. Opening more races to this would require a massive revamp of the faction engine and how it interacts with illusions. That revamp would constitute a major change to what defines EverQuest. Furthermore, the diversity the various areas in the game would surely lead to some bugs that would be implemented in the course of the revamp. Given these reasons, a change along these lines does not have benefits that outweigh cost.

Aside from faction issues, are you saying that by essentially allowing the 'minor illusion' spell to also include NPC models, in addition to the myriad of other object models in a particular zone, that this creates some sort of a problem? If so, could you please elaborate?

I think that I covered this one above. If I need to elaborate further, please let me know.

- Gordon