Voice Recognition Support:

We are pleased to announce that EverQuest now supports standardized voice recognition technology. If you have a standardized voice recognition package (such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking) on your system, you can refer to the EQROKManualSupplement.doc (or .txt) file in your EverQuest directory for information about using the new features.

Voice Recognition:

EverQuest now supports standardized voice recognition packages, such as Dragon Naturally Speaking(r).

Activating Voice Recognition

You must already have a voice recognition engine, such as Dragon Naturally Speaking, installed on your system, and have the default user (this was "Unknown" for me) trained, etc. You do NOT have to run the engine yourself, the game will do that for you.

Once in EQ, bring up the chat bar (hit enter) and type in "/voice". Make sure it gives you the message, "Voice Recognition will be *ON* the next time you run the game..." If it does, then quit all the way out of EverQuest like the message instructs you to do and re run it.

After you have done this, you should get a message in the chat box when you get back in letting you know that Voice Recognition is Enabled. You must turn the Microphone on though. Typing in the /microphone command (/mic also works, perhaps even /mi) will toggle the microphone on/off. Voice commands and dictation are ignored when the Mic is off, and the game starts up with the microphone off.

Other related typed commands:

/vrdelay - Allows the user to set how long EQ will Sleep in the main rendering loop in order to improve voice recognition response. The higher the delay, the lower framerate will be, so it is recommended that the user start with "/vrdelay 1" and go up by one each time until they are happy with the voice recognition response time. Use the lowest number that provides adequate response time.