AUGUST 17, 2000

Some additional changes were included in today's patch that were not listed in the patch message earlier today. This patch message is a replacement for the one posted earlier:

Miscellaneous Changes:

Chat/Login Server:

This patch contains eqmain.dll, which is used by the EverQuest login/chat frontend. The following changes have been implemented:

Looking for Group Flag:

Players can now indicate that they are "looking for a group" by typing /LFG. This command will flag your character in both zone-specific /who lists, and the server-wide "/who all" list with "LFG". The LFG flag will remain active until you either enter a group or log out. Players can search for other players who are LFG by using filters in the /who command. For instance, to find rangers between level 40 and 50 who are looking for a group across the server, type "/who all ranger 40 50 lfg".

It is our hope that this flag will make it easier for players to seek out group members, allowing for more adventuring with less preparation time.

Updated EQCLIENT.INI Documentation:

If the file does not exist it will be generated by eqgame.exe with default values. If an entry in the file is missing it will be added by eqgame.exe with default values.

The [TextColors] section contains entries for various text colors in the client. All colors are to be set with Red, Green, and Blue values, in decimal. Valid settings for each color range between 0 and 255. "Black" (0 red, 0 green, and 0 blue) will be white in overlay mode, and black in normal mode.

Here is a list of user colors to use as a guide when editing the file:

1 - Say
2 - Tell
3 - Group
4 - Guild
5 - OOC
6 - Auction
7 - Shout
8 - Emote
9 - Spells (meming, scribing, casting, etc.)
10 - You hit other
11 - Other hits you
12 - You miss other
13 - Other misses you
14 - Some broadcasts (duels)
15 - Skills (ups, non-combat use, etc.)
16 - Disciplines or special abilities
17 - Unused at this time
18 - Default text and stuff you type
19 - Unused at this time
20 - Merchant Offer Price
21 - Merchant Buy/Sell
22 - Your death message
23 - Others death message
24 - Other damage other
25 - Other miss other
26 - /who command
27 - yell for help
28 - Hit for non-melee
29 - Spell worn off
30 - Money splits
31 - Loot message
32 - Unused at this time

The [Defaults] section contains some default setting for the client. Here is a list of valid settings:

RunMode - TRUE for run, FALSE for walk.
ScreenMode - NORMAL for the default window view, FULL for the full view with overlays.
Log - TRUE for logging on, FALSE for logging off.