AUGUST 1, 2000

Today's patch contains some changes that we are sure everyone will enjoy:

Fast Drop:

Our most exciting change today is an option that allows players to avoid accidentally dropping items on the ground. The new client allows players to set 'Item Dropping' preferences on the 'General' options tab. The three options that can be set are:

FAST DROP: Items are dropped without confirmation.
CONFIRM: A confirmation box will be displayed whenever you try to drop an item.
NEVER: You are not allowed to drop items on the ground.

Alternatively, you can also set these options using the /fastdrop command. The arguments are:

ON: Same as option 'Fast Drop' on the General Tab.
OFF: Same as option 'Confirm' on the General Tab.
NEVER: Same as above.

Please note that whatever your setting, coin will always be dropped without confirmation. Additionally, the FastDrop option only applies to items being dropped upon the ground. Handing items to NPCs will still work regardless of your FastDrop setting.

It is highly recommended that you use option 'CONFIRM', as GMs will not reimburse any items that are accidentally dropped.