JUNE 15, 2000

Hello everyone, Over the past few weeks, a portion of the EQ team has been working on The Hole, in preparation of its release in the near future. Even so, a number of changes and additions were made in today's patch. Most of the changes are in regards to quests:

A few items have also been changed this week:

Casting Times on Staff and Rod:

We received word a few weeks ago that some people were using these items to "spam" other players with their spell-effect messages, causing them to disconnect. Though /ignore will allow you to filter out text messages caused by people on your /ignore list, it will not allow you to filter out spell-effect messages for spells cast upon you.

The short casting time should prevent the problems associated with the targetable and activatable effect on these weapons, however you will have to stand still to use them now.

Gunthak Harpoon:

In the last item patch, we made the mistake of making this weapon "rentable", meaning that it does not disappear upon logoff. Basically, one of our game designers heard that the weapon was NORENT, concluded that it must be a bug, and took the initiative to fix it. Unfortunately, the stats on this weapon, despite its disadvantages of weight and its non-magical composition, make it much too powerful for its location and difficulty in obtaining it.

For these reasons, the weapon is once again NORENT, and will disappear the next time that you log out. This is a retroactive change and will affect weapons already in possession. We do apologize to those who acquired it within the last week expecting that it would be a permanent weapon.

Chat / Login Process:

Due to the rapidly increasing number of people playing EverQuest, the Chat and Login processes have been moved to more robust servers. This should increase the capabilities of both servers and help alleviate the congestion experienced by some during periods of high utilization.