APRIL 28, 2000


Binding in Timorous Deep:

Due to a feature within the zone, players can no longer bind within Timorous Deep. This functionality was intended in the zone prior to launch, as binding presents a possible balance issue. Players who are already bound in this zone will retain their binding location until they bind someplace else.

Iksar Quests:

A few items associated with the Iksar newbie warrior quests have been repaired. The EverQuest team would like to extend thanks to those who reported the problems.

Iksar Factions:

As announced in the patch server message yesterday, this morning we corrected a bug in Iksar faction that allowed them to travel outside Kunark without fear of being attacked by most things. In the event that any young Iksar find themselves in a bind/death loop, please /quit, log in another character, and /petition for assistance.

Server Splits:

The recently announced server splits will be completed roughly two hours after the other servers come up from this patch. Movelog registered accounts from Veeshan and Bristlebane will be moved to Saryrn, and Xegony and Bertox to The Seventh Hammer. As requests to move were very strong, we were not able to move everyone who requested. We appreciate everyone's understanding.